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Teddy Bear Ladies

   We are so proud to present to you the Christopher Care and Teddy Bear
Team sewing ministry and mission of the First Presbyterian Church of
Bedford, IN. We meet on Wednesday's in the sewing room of our Church at
10:00 A.M. and everyone is welcome. Our sewing mission was started by
Ethela Matthews and Nellie Reynolds due to a dramatic circumstance of a
child that was separated from his family. His name was Christopher.
Bedford is fortunate to have two hospitals and we supply both hospitals
with teddy bears to give to the children as deemed by the hospital
staff. We also supply the Salvation Army, Fireman, Police, Red Cross
and various Child Services of Lawrence County. Lately, we have found a
need and usefulness of the teddy bears for Alzheimer patients as they
seem to calm down when having something to hold and cuddle. We make our
teddy bears from various cuddly fabrics and embroider eyes, nose and
mouth so as to not to use something like buttons that a child may choke.
Each bear received a ribbon around the neck, a hand knitted or crochet
hat, a special hug and blessing before being sent out into the world for
its special duty. You have but to see a desperate child one time and
the visual will stick with you the rest of your life that the teddy bear
has been sent on its way with special healing powers.

   We make lap robes for nursing home patients. These lab robes meet the
request of nursing home staff in that they cover from the waist to the
feet and no fringe to catch in wheel chair mechanics. We have knitted,
crochet and pieced lap robes that are a terrific hit to nursing home
patients as we make the lap robes very colorful.

   This past year, we started making walker caddies that fit around the
front of the walker and all compartments can be closed with Velcro.

   Our sewing mission has become well known in the Lawrence County
community. Donations of yarn and lap robe fabric is dropped off in our
Fellowship Hall and many times, we have no idea who donated these
treasures. We thank each and everyone.


All Women
All Women of the Church
wrapping lap robes for the
nursing homes.


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